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August 11, 2020 |
Personality is not only malleable; desirable behavior change can happen in a little as a few weeks. As the mind evolves to greater complexity, we are quite capable of moving beyond many inherited traits.
November 18, 2021 |
While culture makes up a variety of factors, the end impact is a healthy environment for your employees to do their best work. In a dysfunctional workplace, your culture will prevent your employees from succeeding instead of enabling them.
November 08, 2021 |
In many aspects of our lives, we rely on those in positions of power to lead us. The role of leaders becomes especially salient in times of uncertainty. Throughout your life, you’ve probably seen several ways leaders can respond to challenging and ambiguous situations. A transformational leader can see the opportunities in turmoil and inspire people to follow them to a better future. On the other hand, an incompetent leader will leave you to deal with everything alone. In the worst-case scenari...
October 26, 2021 |
Once relegated to the philosophy domain, character has recently become a common topic in psychology, business, and world events. However, the way character is typically discussed reflects more of a “know it when I see it” approach than a shared understanding of its implications.
September 08, 2021 |
“You’re not a Type, you can Tilt.” This is Tilt 365’s mantra, and a key reason Tilt was even created. The founder, Pam Boney, recognized that, while personality assessments are helpful in understanding our “go to” behaviors, we are not defined by our personality; instead, we grow and develop over time, and can choose how we respond to different situations.
July 08, 2021 |
Generativity means creating or nurturing new ideas, concepts, research, or innovations that will last beyond its creator’s lifetime. It requires the creator to “rise above” their particular interests to contribute to “the many” beyond themselves.
June 02, 2021 |
Mindsets are fundamental assumptions that people use to understand and interact with the world. At Tilt, we discuss six mindsets that vary from more rigid or closed to more flexible and open: protective, competitive, integrative, adaptive, agile, and generative.
May 21, 2021 |
Many people are aware that mindsets can influence outcomes like academic achievement, job performance, and mental health, but cultivating a growth mindset is only the first step. The key to successfully leveraging a growth mindset is knowing how to use it.
May 05, 2021 |
The idea of simply choosing to have a growth mindset is compelling and has helped the concept gain popularity. However, that simplicity is not supported by research and ignoring the nuances of how mindsets work can lead to wasted time and resources.
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